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VIDEO: Can Climate Change Undermine Nuclear Deterrence?

Some experts are concerned that tensions over water, territory, and other issues may increase nuclear detonation risks in regions like South Asia. An Indian Agni-II intermediate range ballistic missile on a road-mobile launcher, January 26, 2004. Antônio Milena (ABr)

By Natasha E. Bajema, Ph.D.

Maybe. It’s Complicated.

The Council on Strategic Risks (CSR) posed a series of questions about the Arctic region to four leading national security experts with different perspectives in a recent video interview below. Together, their diverse answers may help us to better understand the complex linkages across climate change, Arctic sea melt and new sea routes, prospects for conflict, competition, and cooperation within the global order, and new risks associated with nuclear weapons.


Video: Bipartisan Climate and Security Consensus Statement Release

climate-security-consensus-statement_center-for-climate-and-securityThere exists a U.S. national security consensus that climate change presents a “strategically-significant risk” and will require a “comprehensive response.” It’s an issue that the next President of the United States (and likely, many after that) will have to take very seriously, no matter their ideological predilections. In this context,  we are releasing a video (below) of a bipartisan panel of senior national security and military leaders who served across the Nixon, Reagan, Bush (both) and Clinton Administrations, discussing the strong military and national security rationales for addressing the challenge. The panel includes: (more…)