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White House Honors Veterans for Advancing Clean Energy and Climate Security

Soldiers_assist_residents_displaced_by_Hurricane_Sandy_in_Hoboken,_N.J.The White House is hosting an event today honoring twelve American veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan from across the country as “Champions of Change” for their work in advancing clean energy and increasing climate resilience and preparedness in their communities. (more…)

Nominate Veterans Championing Clean Energy and Climate Security

20100519-M-0493G-105.jpgThe White House has recently launched a “Champions of Change” award program for “Veterans on the Front Lines of Advancing Clean Energy and Climate Security.” The program has an open nomination process, and you can click here to nominate U.S. military veterans you know who are doing great work in this area. According to the White House website, the criteria are as follows: (more…)

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