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Army War College: The U.S. Military is “Precariously Underprepared” for Climate Change

US Army War College_Implications of Climate Change for the U.S. Army_2019_7By Mariah Furtek

The United States Army War College recently released a report exploring the significant impact climate change will have on national security and U.S. Army operations, and offering a set of urgent recommendations. The second sentence of the report sets the stage immediately, stating “the Department of Defense is precariously underprepared for the national security implications of climate change-induced global security challenges.” 

The report details the most eminent threats climate change poses to national security: severe weather events, mass migration, diminishing global freshwater supplies, changing disease vectors, Arctic competition, stress on the U.S. power grid and nuclear reactors, as well as sea-level rise.  (more…)

Pentagon Stepping Up Public Concern About Security Implications of Climate Change

defense-gov_photo_essay_120817-d-vo565-003.jpgWhen the U.S. Army gets very public about its concerns over the security implications of climate change, it might just be time for policy-makers to listen.

This past Monday, Assistant Secretary of the Army for Installations, Energy and the Environment Katherine Hammack stated: (more…)

Brigadier General John Adams Joins the Center for Climate and Security Advisory Board

We are honored to announce that Brigadier General John Adams, United States Army (Retired), has joined the Center for Climate and Security’s Advisory Board. (more…)

Brigadier General Bob Barnes Joins the Center for Climate and Security Advisory Board

We here at the Center for Climate and Security are honored to welcome Brigadier General J. Robert “Bob” Barnes, United States Army (Retired), to our Advisory Board. (more…)