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U.S. Secretary of the Army Issues New Policy on Climate Threats to Installations

U.S. Army personnel head out from base to provide aid to North Carolinians flooded by Hurricane Florence, Sept. 15, 2018. ANDREW MCNEIL/U.S. ARMY

By Dr. Marc Kodack

The U.S. Secretary of the Army has issued a new policy directing that installations address threats from climate change and extreme weather – demonstrating that the military continues to address the issue, despite political pressure to the contrary. The goal is to protect critical assets on installations to ensure mission resilience. The goal will be accomplished through the incorporation of climate change and extreme weather information across facility and infrastructure planning processes, such as real property master plans, Integrated Natural Resource Management Plans, Installation Energy and Water Plans, and emergency management plans. Implementing guidance for the policy will be issued by mid-December 2020.


U.S. Army Releases Climate Resilience Handbook

By Dr. Marc Kodack

The U.S. Army has published the Army Climate Resilience Handbook (ACRH) for use by installation planners to assess climate risk as they write or revise a diversity of plans, including real property master plans, Integrated Natural Resource Management Plans, Installation Energy and Water Plans, and emergency management plans. The handbook is organized around a four-step, risk-informed planning process with the goal of increasing climate resilience. An integral part of the process is the on-line Army Climate Assessment Tool (ACAT). The ACAT contains information on individual installations that planners can use to determine current extreme weather and climate change effects, infrastructure, and assets that are vulnerable to these effects, and adaptation measures that can be used to increase an installation’s climate resilience.


Femia: Army War College finds service ill-equipped to face climate change

Francesco Femia on TRT WorldLast week, the Federal News Network’s “Federal Drive” ran an interview with the Center for Climate and Security’s Co-Founder, Francesco Femia, regarding a recent Army War College report that alarmingly found the U.S. military “precariously underprepared for the national security implications of climate change-induced global security challenges.” Femia highlighted the key takeaways from the report, including an extraordinary finding specific to the Army, which stated that the service is “precipitously close to mission failure concerning hydration of the force in contested arid environments.” Femia recommended that both technical, as well as big strategic and operational changes and investments, are needed to prepare the Army, and the broader U.S. military, for this rapidly-changing operational landscape – including to prepare for the likelihood of adversaries taking advantage of these changes, and a lack of U.S. leadership for addressing them. Click here for the full interview.

U.S. Army War College: Climate Change Presents Serious Threat to the Military Mission in 20 Years

US Army War College_Implications of Climate Change for the U.S. Army_2019_7

On October 24, Vice News took notice of a U.S. Army War College report, commissioned by then-Army Chief of Staff General Mark Milley (who is now the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff), detailing the possibility of a collapse of the military mission in the face of climate change – in just 20 years. It’s an extraordinary report, showing how seriously the U.S. military takes the security risks of climate change, despite political pressures to the contrary. In light of this story, we are herein re-posting a summary of the report by the Center for Climate and Security’s Mariah Furtek, published on August 1, below. (more…)