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Frozen Government, Melting Arctic

Arctic_melt_trends_graphAs the U.S. government freezes, the Arctic continues to melt. This is not a healthy state of affairs. In a recent article in Roll Call, Sherri Goodman and Robert Gagosian of the Joint Ocean Commission Initiative call for greater attention to a rapidly-changing Arctic by Congress and the White House. While in the coming days U.S. government officials are more likely to be exploring dining and drinking deals than the Arctic seas, it is a crucial issue that should be taken up as soon as possible, not least because it should lend itself to bipartisan cooperation. (more…)

Weekend Reading: “The Arctic: Five Critical Security Challenges” ASP

Russian_arctic_claimThe American Security Project has just released a new report authored by Andrew Holland, Nick Cunningham, and Xander Vagg, titled “The Arctic: Five Critical Security Challenges.”  The five challenges identified include: (more…)

Strategic Implications of an Open Arctic: A Conversation with Norwegian Ambassador Strommen

This is a cross-post from CSIS’ Asia Policy Blog

Strategic Implications of an Open Arctic – Part 2
By Eddie Walsh

[Editor’s Note: The following is the second post in a series on the Strategic Implications of an Open Arctic for the Pacific. You can read part one here] (more…)

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