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Chairman US National Intelligence Council: Factoring In Climate Security

Logo_of_the_National_Intelligence_CouncilDr. Gregory F. Treverton, the newly-appointed chairman of the US National Intelligence Council (NIC), sat down with the Atlantic Council on December 1 for his first on-the-record discussion on adapting intelligence for national security efforts. In context of a rich discussion on shifting risks and priorities, the conversation turned to the security implications of climate change. Below is a transcription of a question Dr. Treverton was asked on the subject, and his response. For more on the US intelligence community’s products on climate change and security, see the intelligence section of our Climate Security Resource Hub. (more…)

Tunisian Constitution Charts A Course To A Climate Resilient Future

Tunisia, where the Arab Spring began, recently adopted a new constitution. And it has become only the third constitution in the world to include a reference to climate change (the other two are Ecuador and the Dominican Republic).

According to Raveena Aulakh of the Toronto Star, the new constitution  obliges the Tunisian state to “contribute to the protection of the climate … for future generations.” It also goes on to assert that the “state shall provide the necessary means to eliminate environmental pollution.” (more…)

The Arab Awakening in a Changing Climate

Tunisian_Revolution_ProtestThanks to the Tunisian news service Nawaat for publishing our short article titled “The Arab Awakening in a Changing Climate.” Click here for the English version, and here for the French.

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