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The U.S. is a Pacific Nation, Here Is Why That Is Relevant to National Security In A Changing Climate

800px-US_Navy_110405-N-WP746-276_Hawaii-based_surface_Navy_and_other_combatant_units_participated_in_Koa_Kai_11-2,_an_integrated_training_event_with_the_On March 10, the U.S Senate hosted a discussion on climate change. Sen. Schatz, representing a Pacific state, has a unique perspective on how climate change will play a role in the security of the Asia-Pacific region, and his statement for the Congressional record goes into great detail on this facet of the issue. The statement also provides a thorough look at how the U.S. is preparing for the security risks of climate change in the Pacific, in the Arctic and in the U.S. homeland.

Below we have copied Senator Schatz’s statement for the record. You can find the full Congressional record here. It is worth a read for all those interested in national security writ large.


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