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Rear Admiral Neil Morisetti to the EU: “Failure to set a robust 2030 climate target will hurt our national security”

NeilmorisettiFor almost a decade, Royal Navy Rear Admiral Neil Morisetti has been an intelligent and measured public voice for action on addressing the national security implications of a changing climate. In addition to his former roles as the UK’s Special Representative for Climate Change, and before that, the UK’s Climate and Energy Security Envoy, he helped found the Global Military Advisory Council on Climate Change, a group of serving and retired military officers “committed to stressing their concerns about the security implications of climate change and to promoting a positive role of the military worldwide to help address the challenge of climate change.” In this context, his warnings should be taken seriously. (more…)

Thawing Ice and Data in the Arctic: Navies Uncover Vital Climate Information

Both the UK and the U.S. Navies are cooperating with scientists to share climate data collected in the Arctic. ¬†Naval submarines have spent the better part of the last few decades trawling the depths of the cold waters. ¬†With a changing climate, both physical and political, and melting ice in the Arctic, the data collected during such missions is now an invaluable tool to those trying to get a better, more accurate understanding of what exactly is happening up there. (more…)

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