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Briefer: India’s Lithium Resources in Kashmir Highlight Conflict Risks Around Critical Minerals

By Tom Ellison

On February 9th, the Geological Survey of India announced1 it had discovered 5.9 million tons of lithium, a metal in high demand for electric vehicle batteries and other low-carbon energy technologies. Though the findings are preliminary, if borne out, the discovery would put India among the world’s top holders of lithium, with significant implications2 for India’s own electric vehicle (EV) deployment, environmental management, and energy independence. However, the potential reserves’ location in Jammu and Kashmir state—heavily militarized territory disputed by Pakistan—underscores the security challenges associated with critical mineral wealth. These challenges highlight the urgent need to prepare for the potential negative security repercussions of expanded mining in India and elsewhere, including via improved mining governance, new technologies, reduced lithium demand, and conflict resolution.


Report: A Climate and Resource Security Dialogue for the 21st Century

The UK Foreign Commonwealth Office and Wilton Park recently released a report from their late March conference on climate and resource security. There are some interesting top-line priorities that were identified by participants, with a heavy focus on developing new and integrated frameworks and institutions to deal with this unique security problem. From the summary: (more…)

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