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Looking Back: The Center for Climate and Security 2020 Wrap-Up

As we begin 2021, we wanted to take a look back at the work of the Center for Climate and Security during the past year. Thanks to the dedication of our staff, fellows and Advisory Board, we’ve made significant progress on putting climate security front and center and advancing the recommendations in our Climate Security Plan for America

We began the year by launching (in person!) two ground-breaking climate security risk reports, the Security Threat Assessment of Climate Change and the International Military Council on Climate and Security’s World Climate and Security Report 2020

Not long after COVID-19 hit and the world shut down, we  highlighted the parallels between US intelligence community warnings on pandemics with its warnings on the security risks of climate change and made recommendations to ensure the US is not caught flat-footed again, underscoring the lessons we can learn from the COVID-19 crisis that are applicable to climate change.


Release: 3 Bipartisan Groups of Military and Security Leaders Urge New Course on Climate

USS AlbanyRelease: Three Bipartisan Groups of Military and National Security Leaders Urge Robust New Course on Climate Change

— Bipartisan Group of Military and National Security Experts Announce Consensus Statement on Climate Change

— National Security Experts Release Briefing Book for Next Commander in Chief Mapping New Approach to Climate Change

— New Military Expert Panel Report Warns of Coastal U.S. Military Bases’ Vulnerability to Rising Seas


Summer Reading List: New Offerings on Climate Change and Security

beach_readingChoosing what to read on the beach has been a perennially difficult choice. We are making that choice easier. A range of new volumes, reports, testimonies and concept notes on climate change and security have been released recently, and all of them are worth a read in the sun (apologies to those south of the equator currently experiencing winter). Below is a list of those that came across our desk, and have been printed out for transport to the shoreline. (more…)

Update to Climate and Security Resources Page

There have been a number of new reports released recently, and so we though we would highlight an update to our climate and security resources page, where you’ll find government reports and strategic documents, academic papers, Congressional hearing transcripts, UN resolutions, and other policy-oriented information on the nexus of climate change and national and international security.

The resources are organized first by type (government, academic, etc) and second by chronology, so you can more easily look for the information that is most useful to you as either a researcher, journalist, policy-maker, policy-implementer, or casual climate and security aficionado.

If you know of a good resource that we’ve left off the list, feel free to let us know.

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