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Climate Security Q&A with Admiral Titley and Admiral Morisetti

US-UK-blendThe UK Embassy, Washington, hosted a Climate Security Tweetathon yesterday, sponsored by the Center for Climate and Security and the Center for a New American Security. In the spirit of the special relationship between the US and the UK, it included a Q&A session via twitter, with CCS Advisory Board member Rear Admiral David Titley, US Navy (ret) and Rear Admiral Neil Morisetti, British Royal Navy (ret). The tweetathon was part of a broader effort by the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) on climate change. The US and the UK have a history of leadership in the climate-security space (see here and here for more). Below is a transcript of the Climate Security Q&A with Admiral Titley and Admiral Morisetti, (which is very nuanced, given the 140 character twitter limit). For additional tweets on climate security see @CntrClimSec on Twitter. (more…)

More from Rear Admiral Morisetti on Climate Change

Rear Admiral Neil Morisetti, the UK’s special envoy for climate and energy security, continues his U.S. tour, describing climate change as a geopolitical “threat multiplier.” He appeared Monday on a panel in Southern California, that included Nancy Sutley, Chair of the White House’s Council on Environmental Quality. See here for more.

Rear Admiral Morisetti on Climate Change and Conflict

Rear Admiral Neil Morisetti, the Climate and Energy Security Envoy of the UK Ministry of Defence and Foreign and Commonwealth Office, spoke with California’s Orange County Register on Thursday about the relationship between climate change and international conflict, and the role of climate change as a “threat multiplier.” (more…)