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Werz and Conley: Climate Change, Migration and Conflict

The Woodrow Wilson Center’s New Security Beat posted an interesting piece yesterday breaking down two excellent reports by Michael Werz and Laura Conley:  Climate Change, Migration, and Conflict: Addressing Complex Crisis Scenarios in the 21st Century, and Climate Change, Migration and Conflict in Northwest Africa. The blog highlights the unique nature of the reports (jointly published by the Center for American Progress and Heinrich Böll Stiftung), which consider the climate-migration nexus in the context of U.S. national security: the first broadly examining four sub-regions of concern (Northwest Africa, South Asia, The Andes and China) and the second honing in on a so-called “arc of tension” in Northwest Africa. It’s worth a read.

Nigeria: Adding Climate Change to a Security and Humanitarian Disaster

Nigeria, the African continent’s most populous country, is by many accounts a security and humanitarian disaster. A corrupt and unstable government driven by oil revenues, an armed insurgency in the Niger Delta aimed at defying that government, a desperately poor population that sees little to none of the country’s oil wealth, deep post-colonial religious divisions in the center and north, which have led to dramatic and large-scale violence in recent years (see the Christmas Day bombing in 2011, for example), all conspire to make life in Nigeria hazardous, to say the very least. (more…)

Climate and Security Resource Roundup: A Look at Some New Reports & Resources

The climate change and security discourse received a big boost yesterday with the release of three new reports and resources. (more…)

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