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New Harvard Report on Climate Extremes and National Security

sulaiman mountains pakistan_bigHarvard University’s Center for the Environment recently released a new report titled “Climate Extremes: Recent Trends with Implications for National Security.”  The report was funded by the Central Intelligence Agency, and drew from a series of workshops held at the National Academy of Sciences, Columbia University and Harvard University’s Center for the Environment. The resulting report explores what type of climatic events we can expect over the next decade, and how these events may impact U.S. national security interests.  It includes a very extensive scientific assessment of current climate data observations and near-term climatic expectations, detailed examples of climate change intersecting with U.S. national security interests, and recommendations for bolstering U.S. scientific and technical capacity, and creating a national strategy for observations and monitoring. (more…)

Event: “Disaster Resilience in America” at the National Academies

This is just a short note to highlight the upcoming and timely National Academies event: “Disaster Resilience in America: Launching a National Conversation.” The event will be held on November 30 at the National Academies of Sciences Auditorium in Washington, DC. Click here for more details, and to register.

Just Released NRC Report “Climate and Social Stress: Implications for Security Analysis”

The National Research Council’s report on climate change and national security, “Climate and Social Stress: Implications for Security Analysis,” was released this morning.  Here is the overview from their website:

Scientific evidence indicates that the global climate is moving outside the bounds of past experience and can be expected to put new stresses on societies around the world, prompting examination of a variety of plausible scenarios through which climate change might pose or alter security risks for the United States. A new report from the National Research Council offers recommendations to improve understanding of the links between climate and security, monitoring and analysis of the factors linking climate change to security risks, and the ability to anticipate potential security risks arising from climate phenomena.

The report focuses on social and political stresses outside the United States, and on security risks that might arise from situations in which climate-related events have consequences that exceed the capacity of affected populations to cope and respond. It also emphasizes climate-driven security risks that call for action within the coming decade either to anticipate or respond to security threats.

The full report can be downloaded here.

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