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The Center on AlertNet: Migration, militias, coups and climate change in Mali

Thanks to AlertNet, the Reuters Foundation humanitarian news site, for running our piece on security and climate change in Mali yesterday.

Our original article, which is essentially identical, was posted here on April 23.

Mali: Migration, Militias, Coups and Climate Change

This blog also appeared on the humanitarian news site, AlertNet.

The world is suddenly paying attention to the oft-ignored North African country of Mali, as it is racked by its most recent in a long string of crises: a coup d’etat. This political and constitutional crisis sits atop an already extremely vulnerable situation – a volatile mix of climate change, drought, food shortages, migration and immobility, armed insurrection and heavy weapons proliferation that threaten to plunge the country into a state of instability not unlike Somalia. As the international community, including the UN Security Council, moves to act on this crisis, it will be important to consider all the identifiable sources of Mali’s insecurity in order to get the solutions right. (more…)

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