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An Interview with CS2P Co-Founder Sofia Kabbej on “Questions of Climate Security & Peace”

By Elsa Barron

The Climate Security & Peace Project (CS2P) is a team of “young researchers, professionals and students from diverse fields and backgrounds,” and aims to build knowledge on the links between climate and environmental challenges and threats to human security, peace, and international stability. CS2P has worked closely in collaboration with the French Institute of International and Strategic Affairs (IRIS), a consortium member of the International Military Council on Climate and Security (IMCCS). Through a new initiative, CS2P created a three-part video series titled “Questions of Climate Security & Peace” with the support of NGO CliMates and the EU Commission. To learn more about this project and the three climate security case studies it addresses, the Center for Climate and Security (CCS) asked CS2P co-founder Sofia Kabbej to answer a few questions on the project.


Lake Chad: Tackling Climate-Fragility Links

Lake ChadBy Stella Schaller, adelphi

The state of emergency in Nigeria, Niger, Chad and Cameroon continues – residents around Lake Chad struggle with extreme food insecurity and are severely impacted by widespread violence. The crisis is often cited as a living example of the security threats climate change can pose, but in fact many pressures interact to create a perfect storm of risks. A new short film by adelphi investigates the root causes of the crisis, the role of climate change, and possible entry points to tackle climate-fragility risks in the region and beyond. (more…)

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