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Secretary Kerry on the Security Threat of Climate Change

Photo_John_KerryU.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, during a speech in Jakarta, Indonesia on February 16, devoted a significant amount of attention to the national, global and existential security risks of a changing climate. His full remarks are worth a read (or a listen). Secretary Kerry compared climate change to other transnational security risks, much as we did in our piece for the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists. We have included some excerpts from the speech, below, which touch on the climate-security nexus. (more…)

A Legacy for Secretary Kerry: Pakistan, Climate Change and Holbrooke’s Vision

800px-Secretary_Kerry_Delivers_Welcome_Remarks_(8445457078)Newly appointed Secretary of State John Kerry has a long and distinguished history of working at the intersection of national security and climate change. As such, the overlap in these areas of expertise will likely be a particularly important part of his tenure.  (For a good overview of why Kerry should address the security risks of climate change see this recent article by Coral Davenport). (more…)

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