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Recommended Reading: Sea Change Evolving Maritime Geopolitics in the Indo-Pacific Region

Map by, Eric Gaba (Sting - fr:Sting)

Map by, Eric Gaba (Sting – fr:Sting)

The Stimson Center and India’s Observer Research Foundation recently partnered on a project exploring evolving trends that intersect with natural resources in the Indo-Pacific region. This project produced Sea Change: Evolving Maritime Geopolitics in the Indo-Pacific Region. The report covers a wide geography, and some of the most critical crossroads of the 21st century. It  ranges from sea lanes to security partnerships, to fisheries. Essentially, it covers issues that may not be on every security analysts’ list of important issues, but should be. (more…)

New Report – Indian Ocean Rising: Maritime Security and Policy Challenges

The Stimson Center, based in Washington, DC, recently released a new report that covers many substantial topics related to the nexus between climate change and security in the Indian Ocean region.  It is certainly worth a read. Below is the announcement of the report’s release from David Michel, co-editor of the report and Director of the Environmental Security Program at the Stimson Center. (more…)

Pirates, Monsoons and Climate Change: Sorry, Johnny Depp’s Not in This One

When one thinks about climate change, and its impact on the seasonal monsoon that affects the Indian Ocean littoral, pirates don’t necessarily come to mind. But maybe they should. A recent piece in Stratfor highlights that the end of the monsoon season, which brings calmer waters, is good news for pirates in the region who rely on steady seas. Climate change, which is expected to alter, and likely delay, the monsoon season, may thus have a non-trivial effect on the movement of pirates. (more…)

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