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Climate Change and Particular Weather Events: Revisiting Recent Research

Russialsta_tmo_2010208_lrgDavid Sandalow, Acting Undersecretary of Energy and Assistant Secretary for Policy and International Affairs at the U.S. Department of Energy, recently spoke at the Columbia University Energy Symposium about Hurricane Sandy, its impacts on our energy infrastructure, and what we can expect in a climate-changing world. Addressing climate change, he states: (more…)

Generals Christman, Anderson and Cheney on Climate Change as a National Security Threat

The Alaska Dispatch published an important article on Saturday penned by Lt. Gen. Daniel Christman, Brig. Gen. Steve Anderson and Brig. Gen. Stephen Cheney. The piece calls on our political leaders to stop playing politics with climate change, particularly in the wake of hurricane Sandy, and to start treating it as the national security issue it is. They conclude:

Climate change will impose costs. There are costs of inaction. We can either pay now by investing in clean energy technologies and sensible measures to adapt to the consequences of a warming climate, or we will pay later in disaster response.

In other words, we can invest now, or pay a lot more later.

See the full article here. It’s worth a read.

ASP’s Climate Security Report: An Invaluable and Timely Assessment

The American Security Project released its new Climate and Security Report yesterday, authored by Senior Fellow Andrew Holland, and Adjunct Fellow Catherine Foley.

The report comprehensively addresses both the current and projected implications of climate change for global security, and the security of the U.S. homeland. (more…)

Hurricane Sandy, Climate Change and National Security Round Up

As Hurricane Sandy rolled into the East Coast, she cut a swathe of destruction that has claimed lives, and crippled some critical infrastructures. She has also stirred up quite a discussion about climate change, resiliency and preparedness, as citizens, policy-makers and thought leaders try to determine how to better prepare for future climate events. (more…)

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