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Podcast: Exponential Interdependencies – Climate Change, Security & DMHA

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Many things have changed since the initial gap analysis initiated at founding of the Center for Climate and Security in 2011. The concept of accelerating climate change has become more accepted as a threat multiplier in the defense and security space. Mega droughts, food shocks, and horrific complex emergencies have affected the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. And a re-balancing in the Asia Pacific region has brought to light a nexus of emerging economic, population, security, and Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance (DHMA) issues.


The Climate Benefits of 3D Printing

Navy-Marine Corps team unloads supplies in HaitiAlertNet, the Reuters Foundation humanitarian news service, published our article today titled “Could 3D printing be a climate revolution?” This is a scaled-down version of our recent report on the subject, which also explores the U.S. foreign policy and humanitarian relief possibilities associated with developing this revolutionary technology.


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