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New Paper: Adapting Governance to Climate Change

Alejandro Camacho at the University of California Irvine School of Law has recently released an interesting paper titled “Adapting Governance to Climate Change: Managing Uncertainty through a Learning Infrastructure.” There is a dearth of legal scholarship on the implications of climate change for governance, particularly as it relates to climate adaptation, and this study admirably fills that gap. Camacho identifies “unprecedented uncertainty” as the key challenge (incidentally, that’s the framework that drives our work at the Center), and outlines a recommended framework for the U.S. Congress to build the capacity of the U.S. government to “cope with the effects of climate change.” From the abstract: (more…)

The Maldives: Climate Resilience Tied to Democratic Resilience

This past February, on the heels of the forced removal of the democratically-elected President of the Maldives (and international climate action champion) Mohamed Nasheed, we wrote about the oft-neglected political factors of climate vulnerability, stating: (more…)

The Maldives Wake Up Call: Time to Factor Politics Into Climate Vulnerability

The recent events in the Maldives, which led to the ouster of a President known for his human rights and climate activism, is a potential blow to both the island nation’s fledgling democracy (conceived a mere four years ago), and its ambitions for climate resilience. In the span of a few hours, the country’s democratic dawn turned to democratic night. (more…)

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