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Interview with Sherri Goodman: A Responsibility to Prepare

SherriGoodman2018E-International Relations recently conducted a great interview with the Center for Climate and Security’s Senior Strategist, the Hon. Sherri Goodman, where she talks about both the unprecedented risks we face in today’s age, as well as the unprecedented foresight that technological developments have given us. An excerpt:

The most exciting current research and debates on climate security are occurring in three inter-related areas: First, the emergence of the “Responsibility to Prepare” concept, developed by the Center for Climate and Security, is enabling both deeper research and more consequential action on the unprecedented risks and unprecedented foresight we face in the climate era. We now live in an era of unprecedented threats from climate change, nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, cyber attacks, hyper-nationalism and other disruptive trends. At the same time, we have access to unprecedented foresight from technological advances in improved predictive capabilities, data analytics, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, virtual reality and other advanced technologies. As we acquire capabilities to better predict alternative futures, we have a responsibility to prepare for these unprecedented risks.


Why and how to use foresight tools to manage climate security risks

448px-Risk_LegacyBy Shiloh Fetzek, Senior Fellow for International Affairs

The Planetary Security Initiative and the Center for Climate and Security (CCS) have recently co-published a policy brief titled “Why and how to use foresight tools to manage climate security risks.” The brief relates to the Working Group on foresight tools CCS organized at the 2016 Planetary Security Conference.

Assessing climate security risks can be challenging, as there are significant and multi-faceted uncertainties involved. For practitioners looking for conceptual approaches to understanding and evaluating such risks, foresight tools offer a practical toolset for formulating robust responses, even in the context of significant uncertainty.

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