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Climate Change Threatening Military Bases Across Florida

Hurricane Damage to Hangar 5 at Tyndall Air Force Base_2019

Damaged ceiling of Hanger 5 at Tyndall Air Force Base early in 2019 – a result of Hurricane Michael [Tampa Bay Times photo by Tailyr Irvine]

In a recent Op-ed for the Tampa Bay Times, the Center for Climate and Security’s John Conger highlighted the climate change-related risks that are increasingly affecting the U.S. military in Florida, as well as the broader national security and defense implications of those risks. The piece begins:

Floridians know that climate change is endangering their health, prosperity and communities. A new hurricane season is a reminder that it’s also threatening America’s national security — beginning with military bases right here in Florida.

When Hurricane Michael struck the Panhandle last fall, it devastated Tyndall Air Force Base. Winds of 160 mph ripped off roofs and damaged or destroyed nearly 700 buildings; 11,000 people had to relocate. Forty percent of the base’s F-22s were unready to fly and had to be stowed in hangars that could not protect them. Every plane was damaged.


Andrew Holland Discusses Climate Change on “Global Perspectives”

2012_Atlantic_hurricane_season_summary_mapAndrew Holland, Senior Fellow for Energy and Climate at the American Security Project (ASP), was recently on the show “Global Perspectives” to discuss the threat of climate change. According to ASP’s website: (more…)

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