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Video: Sea Level Rise and the U.S. Military’s Mission

sea-level-rise-and-the-us-military-mission_center-for-climate-and-securityThere exists a bipartisan U.S. national security consensus that climate change presents a strategically-significant risk and will require a comprehensive response. It’s an issue that the next President of the United States (and likely, many after that) will have to take very seriously. Despite this, the topic did not receive a lot of attention during the U.S. election cycle. To fill that gap, we are releasing a video (below) of an extraordinary panel of five senior retired general and flag officers from across the U.S. military’s service branches discussing the significant risks climate change poses to military readiness, operations and strategy. The panelists are authors of the latest Center for Climate and Security publication, titled: “Military Expert Panel Report: Sea Level Rise and the U.S. Military’s Mission.” The discussion was the opening feature in the first annual Climate and National Security Forum.

For the report, click here.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more videos from the 2016 Climate and National Security Forum.

Madagascar Election Cycles and Cyclones

Tropical_Cyclone_Giovanna_-_NASA_Earth_ObservatoryThe polls open today, October 25th, in Madagascar, and some hold hopes that they will close five years of instability.  A military-backed coup in 2009 led by Andry Rajoelina ousted then President Marc Ravalomanana. The international community condemned the coup and swiftly instituted sanctions. Ongoing instability and international isolation has since dramatically increased the vulnerability of the island, with some 92% of the population now living below the poverty line. The elections, the first in five years, offer an opportunity to reverse an otherwise downward trend.  But there are natural forces to contend with as well. (more…)

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