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RELEASE: New Report from Military Leaders Urges Brazil to Make Climate Change and Counter-Deforestation a “Security Priority”

Washington, DC, November, 30 2020 –  The Expert Group of the International Military Council on Climate and Security (IMCCS) released a new report today urging Brazilian leaders to make climate change and counter-deforestation a “security priority,” and to “climate-proof” the nation’s security. The IMCCS is a group of senior military leaders, security experts, and security institutions across the globe – currently hailing from 38 countries in every hemisphere – dedicated to anticipating, analyzing, and addressing the security risks of a changing climate. The IMCCS is administered by the Center for Climate and Security, an institute of the Council on Strategic Risks, with the participation of a consortium of international partners. 


Nicaragua’s Ecological Battalion: Boots on the Ground to Fight Climate Change?

Nicaragua has a new ecological battalion – allegedly the first of its kind in Central America. More specifically, it is a division of the army tasked primarily with stopping illegal logging, planting trees, and yes, fighting climate change. Operation Green Gold, the inaugural mission for the new battalion, recently wrapped up, and has declared “its first ‘battlefield victory’ by netting 111,800 cubic feet (3,165 cubic metres) of illegal lumber felled by loggers.” (more…)
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