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Iceland’s Message to US: Look To the Arctic

531px-Iceland_Hellisheiði_Geothermal_PlantIn a recent CNN interview by Jason Miks, Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, the President of Iceland, went into great detail about the changing geopolitical conditions in a melting Arctic and the distinct role of the United States in the region. Iceland, an Arctic nation which recently rebounded from a severe economic shock, can certainly teach us something about balancing domestic and international security priorities (Iceland’s security is also entirely handled by the U.S. military, so its perspective on this issue is quite consistent with that of our armed forces in the region). (more…)

Formulating A New Grand Strategy for the U.S.: Can Addressing Climate Change Play a Part?

Dr. William Martel at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy recently penned the first in a planned series of two articles for The Diplomat in which he calls on the United States to not only start thinking about security differently, but to craft a grand strategy out of that thinking.  The article is one part of a promising trend in U.S. foreign policy thinking which is focused on the need for a grand strategy to pull us out of the ad hoc nature of U.S. foreign policy that characterized the immediate post-Cold War world, and the narrow emphasis on counter-terrorism that has characterized the last decade. (more…)

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