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Retired General Keys and British Rear Admiral Morisetti: Climate Change a Global Security Issue

As part of a national tour, General Ronald Keys (Ret., USAF), and British Rear Admiral Neil Morisetti recently spoke to the Energy Innovation Business Council of Michigan on the security imperative of developing alternative energies and combating climate change. According to MLive, Retired General Keys, who is a member of CNA’s Military Advisory Board, stated: “This is not a passing fad or a bunch of folks hugging trees…For us, this is serious business.” Speaking to the security rationale for energy efficiency and alternative fuel-development, General Keys also highlighted the significant dangers involved in protecting fuel convoys on the field of battle, which have cause around 10% of soldier deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan. According to General Keys: “If we can reduce the amount of convoys, we’ll reduce the amount of blood spilled…Every gallon of fuel is a vulnerability and puts people in harm’s way. That is why the Department of Defense cares about this so much.”

Rear Admiral Morisetti followed with his assessment of the security implications of climate change: “Climate change will increase the stress in parts of the world where we will see instability in areas that we have had conflicts for the past 30 years.”

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CNA Report: Climate Change, Rising Temperatures and Energy Use at U.S. Military Installations

CNA recently released a memo focused on an important yet little-explored impact of climate change: the effect of rising temperatures on energy use at key U.S. military installations across the country. The conclusion: Higher costs, and adaptations in building design as well as heating and cooling systems, are likely on the horizon. (more…)

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