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A Pesky Challenge to Global Food Security & International Assistance Programs

Food_aid_warehouse_(Angola)_(5579785921)A new study published in Nature looks at how climate change is driving pests and pathogens into new regions.  This migration of 612 different types of “fungi, bacteria, viruses, insects, nematodes, viroids and oomycetes” is marching toward the poles at a rate of around 2 miles a year, threatening food production along the way.  This highlights a possible challenge to international assistance programs that mobilize food assistance to combat hunger and poverty, and to mitigate the impacts of climatic disasters. The issue also raises questions about how concerns over climate change and invasive species factor into the foreign policy and national security calculus of donor nations. (more…)

Event: The Energy and Climate Nexus: Challenges and Opportunities for Transatlantic Security Woodrow Wilson Center’s Global Sustainability and Resilience Program will be hosting the release of a policy report on the morning of the 6th that is sure to be informative.  The event titled, The Energy and Climate Nexus: Challenges and Opportunities for Transatlantic Security, includes a line-up of some of the top energy and climate experts from both sides of the Atlantic.  Here is a description of the event: (more…)

U.S. Army War College: National Security and ‘Sustainability’

The U.S. Army War College’s Center for Strategic Leadership (CSL) has recently published a great book titled: “Sustainability and National Security.” They are currently highlighting an extract from Chapter Two, which was written by one of our favorite scholars, Dr. Kent Hughes Butts, and Brent C. Bankus, both at CSL.

Below is the chapter summary from the war college website: (more…)

Socio-environmental Impacts of Iran’s Disappearing Lake Urmia

This is a guest post by Dr. Aref Najafi of the Lake Urmia Conservation Institute, and contributor to the recent UNEP report “The Drying of Iran’s Lake Urmia and its Environmental Consequences.” This post provides a more in-depth look at the political context of the Iranian government’s neglect of lake Urmia, building on our recent article on the climate, water and security dimensions of the problem. (more…)

Karen Hulme on Climate Change, the Laws of War and the Military

This is a cross-post of an article from e-International Relations

Climate Change, the Laws of War and the Military
By Karen Hulme on March 14, 2012

There is scarcely an area of international law that remains untouched by the phenomenon of climate change and the undeniable challenges that coping with its effects has created. (more…)