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In Case You Missed It: A Summary of the Latest Climate Science Information (and Its Security Implications)

By Patrick Gruban (originally posted to Flickr as UN Security Council)[CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

By Dr. Marc Kodack

In case you missed it, the World Meteorological Organization brought together multiple entities, including United Nations-affiliated organizations and others, to publish their collective information on the latest climate science at the end of the summer. Each organization wrote one or more chapters. The overall messages from these chapters include that greenhouse gases continued to increase in 2020 from 2019 despite a small reduction in the increase because of the COVID-19 pandemic; Paris Agreement greenhouse has emissions goals are not being met; the sea level is rising faster than the long-term average; the period 2016-2020 will likely be the warmest five years on record; and the extent of Arctic sea-ice continues to decrease with warming over the next five years continuing at twice the overall rate elsewhere around the globe.


Science Helps Build Climate Security

Preparing for climate change security challenges is often about managing uncertainty and risk. ¬†Scientific advancements in measuring and monitoring climate and environmental change can help decrease uncertainty and minimize those risks. ¬†With this in mind there were several interesting stories this week on new advancements in the area: (more…)
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