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Update on Climate Change and Conflict

Water tower_SyriaMarshall Burke, co-author of the recent study “Quantifying the Influence of Climate on Human Conflict,” has posted a useful set of responses and clarifications to the dialogue in the media regarding their study. It’s a comprehensive article which goes a long way towards addressing both legitimate criticism and straw men.

Also, the humanitarian news service AlertNet just published a version of our previous blog post on the subject.

Climate Change, Conflict and Certainty: New Research in Context

Failed-states-index-2012A new peer-reviewed study published yesterday by Hsiang, Burke and Miguel in Science, concludes that there is a significant causal link between a warming climate (even minor temperature variability), more extreme rainfall, and the likelihood of different scales of conflict, ranging from domestic violence to intra and inter-state conflict. It is a meta-analysis of 60 previous peer-reviewed studies, and 45 data sets, published in a respectable scientific journal. (more…)

Conference: Climate Change and Security at the Crossroads – Pathways to Conflict or Cooperation?

800px-Kristiansand,_NorwayKristiansand, Norway is the setting for a conference on climate change and security currently underway. The conference, “Climate Change and Security at the Crossroads – Pathways to Conflict or Cooperation,” is being held at the University of Agder from June 20 to 21, 2013. The Research Group Climate Change and Security (CLISEC) and the Centre for Development Studies of the University of Agder organized the two-day affair, and will be posting the proceedings online at a later date. The program is available online and provides a great look at who within the academic community is focusing on the intersection of climate and security, as well as what major questions and geographies are at the center of the discussion. It is encouraging to see this level of research and attention dedicated to the topic, and we look forward to reading the results. 

Peter Gleick on Syria: Water, Climate and Conflict

Digging_irrigation_channels,_Palmyra,_SyriaIn a recent Science Blogs post for National Geographic, water guru Peter Gleick takes a look at the water security dimensions of unrest in Syria. Referencing our work from last year, Gleick states: (more…)

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