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Flood Relief in Kashmir: An Opportunity for Conflict Transformation?

Kashmir_mapThe worst flooding in decades has wreaked havoc in Kashmir, the disputed region between Pakistan and India, and one of the world’s most heavily militarized boarders. To date hundreds have lost their lives to the floods and landslides and thousands more remain stranded awaiting assistance. Responding to the flood is a top priority for both nations. Pakistani and Indian troops are diverting some of their attention away from on-going hostilities in order to focus on flood recovery.

However, the political realities outside the bounds of the flood waters will likely limit the extent of the goodwill shared between the nation’s leaders, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, who have both offered flood relief assistance to their counterparts. (more…)

Solomon Hsiang: Interpreting Climate-Conflict Results in the Journal of Peace Research Special Issue

Though we’re slightly late on this, we would be remiss to not highlight Solomon Hsiang’s second (and thorough) look at the series of studies in the recent climate change special issue of the Journal of Peace Research, which examined the relationship between climate change and different forms of conflict. His first round of commentary can also be found at his blog, Fight Entropy. The ‘climate-conflict’ field of inquiry is a relatively nascent one compared to the broader environmental security field, and this is a great look at some findings that will hopefully lead to more research.

African Union Inter-Parliamentary Dialogue: Climate Change is a Security Threat

A recent conference in Addis Ababa organized by the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES), mixed parliamentarians from 14 African Union (AU) states with climate change experts. According to the FES-AU liaison, the “dialogue [was] aimed at enhancing the MPs’ knowledge and skills on policy issues.” During the dialogue, a number of climate experts bemoaned the excess of rhetoric, and lack of action, on the issue by African countries, and called on these nations to more concretely recognize climate change as a threat to peace and security on the continent. (more…)
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