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Hear, Hear! Climate and Water Security on the Hill This Week

800px-United_States_Capitol_Building-_west_front_editOn Thursday, January 16, the United States Senate and House of Representatives will be holding hearings on climate change and water security.  The U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works will hold a hearing entitled, “Review of the President’s Climate Action Plan” at 9:15 AM EST.   (more…)

White House Honors Veterans for Advancing Clean Energy and Climate Security

Soldiers_assist_residents_displaced_by_Hurricane_Sandy_in_Hoboken,_N.J.The White House is hosting an event today honoring twelve American veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan from across the country as “Champions of Change” for their work in advancing clean energy and increasing climate resilience and preparedness in their communities. (more…)

Former Military Leaders Respond to President’s Climate Action Plan and Speech

In light of the release of the President’s Climate Action Plan yesterday, and his speech in Georgetown, four distinguished members of the Center for Climate and Security’s Advisory Board, as well as retired Brigadier General Gerald Galloway, USA, have shared with us their thoughts on the plan, and the speech. (more…)

President Obama Unveils “Climate Action Plan”

Official_portrait_of_President_Obama_and_Vice_President_Biden_2012On what was one of the hottest days of the year in Washington, DC, the Obama Administration unveiled its Climate Action Plan yesterday, followed by a speech by President Obama at Georgetown University. In the speech, as in the plan, President Obama detailed the Administration’s commitment to significantly reducing GHG emissions, and making the investments necessary for adapting to the current and projected effects of climate change. After a long drought on U.S. climate policy (pun intended), this has been hailed by many as a bold step.

Click here for the full plan, and here for a summary from the White House.

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