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National Defense Magazine: “Superstorm Sandy Topples Traditional Notions of National Security”

National Defense Magazine, a publication of the National Defense Industrial Association, ran a very interesting piece last week titled “Superstorm Sandy Topples Traditional Notions of National Security.” In it, the author Sandra Irwin exposes the myth that the United States homeland (as well as U.S. assets abroad) are generally immune to the national security impacts of climate change. She states: (more…)

ASP’s Climate Security Report: An Invaluable and Timely Assessment

The American Security Project released its new Climate and Security Report yesterday, authored by Senior Fellow Andrew Holland, and Adjunct Fellow Catherine Foley.

The report comprehensively addresses both the current and projected implications of climate change for global security, and the security of the U.S. homeland. (more…)

Indus Civilization Upended by Climate Change and Dependence on Finite Resource?

As first reported at the New York Times, a recent study published in the Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences makes a strong case for the influence of climate change on the demise of the Harrapan civilization of the Indus plains, a sophisticated culture that “rose about 4,500 years ago, flourished for 600 years and then began a steady and relentless decline.” Essentially, the study shows, the civilization was highly dependent on monsoon rains to feed the flooding of rivers in the Indus valley, its essential means for watering crops, and was thus unable to adapt to climatic changes that weakened the monsoons, and failed to flood the rivers (the Harrapans did not utilize irrigation systems, being spoiled by what they believed was an infinite cycle of river flooding). (more…)

Andrew Holland and Cleo Paskal on the National Security Implications of Climate Change

The American Security Project’s Andrew Holland and Chatham House’s Cleo Paskal recently had an interesting and lively discussion¬†on the national security implications of climate change, including direct impacts on DoD infrastructure and indirect impacts to the international security landscape. On a related note, you may also want to check out ASP’s interactive state-by-state assessment of projected climate change impacts in the United States, which includes estimates on the costs of climate change to state infrastructures and economies.

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