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Expanding The Diplomatic Toolbox: Foreign Policy, Climate Change and Security

Panama Canal, Taken July 3, 2003, By Thomas Lamadrid

Panama Canal, Taken July 3, 2003, By Thomas Lamadrid

This is a Resilience Compass cross-post by Alexander Carius, executive director of adelphi.

How do you avoid that the urgent always takes priority over the important?

In the coming decades, we may see climate change destabilizing conflict regions, fueling new conflicts, and undermining progress on development. Climate change is thus increasingly a global threat to security. The Foreign Ministers of France and Germany co-hosted a high-level discussion on September 30 during the United Nations General Assembly on how foreign policy can address these risks. 30 Foreign Ministers and (Deputy) Prime-Ministers attended the event and debated the question “How do you avoid that the urgent always takes priority over the important?” in an era where acute crises absorb much of the attention and capacities of foreign policymakers. (more…)

Join the Discussion: How to Address the Fragility Risks Climate Change Poses?


Join The Center for Climate and Security’s Caitlin Werrell and others for a live twitter chat tomorrow, June 25, at 10am EST. We will be discussing the newly released G7 report, “A New Climate for Peace” authored by The Wilson Center, International Alert and adelphi. Below is a cross-posted overview of the report by Lauren Herzer, that first appeared on the New Security Beat(more…)

G7: Climate Change, Security and Fragility as a Foreign Policy Priority

On Wednesday, at a meeting of G7 Foreign Ministers in800px-Homes_destroyed_by_Typhoon_Bopha_in_Cateel,_Davao_Oriental, Germany, “climate and security” was a major subject in a final communiqué. The G7 nations announced the need for a stronger, collaborative commitment to mitigating risks associated with climate change and state fragility. This announcement coincided with the presentation of a new report, A New Climate for Peace: Taking Action on Climate and Fragility Risks, to the German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, produced by an independent consortium of think tanks, adelphiInternational Alert, the Wilson Center and the European Union Institute for Security Studies. The final communiqué states emphatically:  (more…)

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