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Looking Back: The Center for Climate and Security 2020 Wrap-Up

As we begin 2021, we wanted to take a look back at the work of the Center for Climate and Security during the past year. Thanks to the dedication of our staff, fellows and Advisory Board, we’ve made significant progress on putting climate security front and center and advancing the recommendations in our Climate Security Plan for America

We began the year by launching (in person!) two ground-breaking climate security risk reports, the Security Threat Assessment of Climate Change and the International Military Council on Climate and Security’s World Climate and Security Report 2020

Not long after COVID-19 hit and the world shut down, we  highlighted the parallels between US intelligence community warnings on pandemics with its warnings on the security risks of climate change and made recommendations to ensure the US is not caught flat-footed again, underscoring the lessons we can learn from the COVID-19 crisis that are applicable to climate change.


Unprecedented Risks, Unprecedented Foresight: A “Responsibility to Prepare and Prevent” Strategy for the United States in 2021


INDOPACOM service members aiding FEMA operations on Saipan and Tinian as they recover from typhoon Yutu, the 2nd worst storm ever to hit U.S. soil (Oct 2018)

The Council on Strategic Risks (CSR) is a security policy institute devoted to anticipating, analyzing and addressing core systemic risks to security in the 21st century, with special examination of the ways in which these risks intersect and exacerbate one another. To further this goal, CSR hosts non-partisan centers tackling unprecedented security risks from climate change (The Center for Climate and Security) and nuclear, biological and chemical weapons (The Center on Strategic Weapons), as well as a program designed to study converging, cross-sectoral threats (The Converging Risks Lab). As the United States looks forward to 2021, it must use its unprecedented foresight to prepare for and address these unprecedented security risks.

A Responsibility to Prepare and Prevent Strategy for 2021

The bad news is that the United States and its allies currently face unprecedented risks from climate change; nuclear, biological and chemical weapons; authoritarian nationalism; and other disruptive trends. The good news is that the U.S. and its allies, due to advances in data-analysis technologies, including AI, also possess unprecedented foresight about these risks. That combination of unprecedented risks and unprecedented foresight underlines a Responsibility to Prepare and Prevent. This responsibility will fall to whomever assumes the office of the President of the United States in 2021. (more…)

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