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Lieselotte Siegenthaler

Liese Siegenthaler

Lieselotte Siegenthaler
Research Fellow

Lieselotte Siegenthaler is a Research Fellow at the Center for Climate and Security, where she works on the Climate-Nuclear-Security Nexus project. She is pursuing an MA in Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey (MIIS). Lieselotte is a recipient of former MIIS president General Robert Gard and Dr. Janet Wall’s Gard ‘n’ Wall Scholarship in Nonproliferation Studies. She holds a BA in International Studies from the American University’s School of International Service.

In addition to her work at the Center for Climate and Security, Lieselotte is an Adjunct Junior Climate Security Fellow at American Security Project. Her other previous work experience includes researching for a human rights lawyer and attending a United Nations Human Rights Council session, working at several technology security companies, and consulting clients at the Department of Commerce.