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Double Whammy: Sudden and Slow-onset Disasters for Pacific Island States

Those involved in international climate policy often hear about the plight of Pacific Island states in the face of climate change (though, some argue, this has not been met with adequate attention by academic researchers). But in order to avoid becoming desensitized to the concerns of this part of the world, it is important to revisit and reprocess some of the serious dangers these nations face. A new synthesis report from the Brookings-LSE Project on Internal Displacement, which follows a series of workshops last May, continues to shine a light on the problem, identifying the simple fact that these countries face the worst of both kinds of climate-exacerbated natural disasters: sudden-onset and slow-onset. As the report states: (more…)

Climate Change and Changing Geographies

The Greenland island, Uunartoq Qeqertaq, recently emerged from its long sleep under a blanket of ice. Uunartoq Qeqertaq – Inuit for ‘Warming Island,’ an appropriate name if there ever was one – joins South Sudan and around 7,000 other geographic additions and changes to the Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World – the most comprehensive atlas in the world.  A recent article in the Guardian points out that some of the most dramatic changes since the last edition are associated with climate change in the polar regions.  (more…)

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