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Conflict Prevention and Resolution Must Incorporate Climate-Adaptation Policies

Horn_of_Africa_lack_of_RainfallThis is a post by guest contributor, Charlotte Baskin-Gerwitz

The international community widely acknowledges that climate change is a pressing issue. President Barack Obama’s 2010 National Security Strategy recognized that climate change is a national security threat, impacting both the homeland and American interests abroad.  The Strategy warns: “the danger from climate change is real, urgent and severe.  The change wrought by a warming planet will lead to new conflicts over refugees and resources; new suffering from drought and famine; catastrophic natural disasters; and the degradation of land across the globe.”  The broader national security policy community has also come to recognize climate change as a “threat multiplier,” increasing the risk of conflict when combined with other factors; however, not enough attention is yet being paid to its importance in conflict prevention and resolution. (more…)

Climate Adaptation A Crucial Part of African Peace and Security

Severe_Drought_Famine_in_East_Africa,_April_1,_2011_-_June_30,_2011A report was just released from a two-day workshop held last November: Climate Change Adaptation and Peacebuilding in Africa. The workshop was co-sponsored by the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, the Institute for Security Studies, U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), and U.S. Department of State. (more…)

Could Climate Change Increase the Probability of Future Mass Atrocities?

As reported today in the New York Times, “a group of foreign policy experts, among them Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, gathered at the Holocaust Memorial Museum on Tuesday to consider modern threats of genocide and how to prevent them.” Interestingly, the subjects of climate change, water, food and energy security came up. (more…)

Werz and Conley: Climate Change, Migration and Conflict

The Woodrow Wilson Center’s New Security Beat posted an interesting piece yesterday breaking down two excellent reports by Michael Werz and Laura Conley:  Climate Change, Migration, and Conflict: Addressing Complex Crisis Scenarios in the 21st Century, and Climate Change, Migration and Conflict in Northwest Africa. The blog highlights the unique nature of the reports (jointly published by the Center for American Progress and Heinrich Böll Stiftung), which consider the climate-migration nexus in the context of U.S. national security: the first broadly examining four sub-regions of concern (Northwest Africa, South Asia, The Andes and China) and the second honing in on a so-called “arc of tension” in Northwest Africa. It’s worth a read.

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