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Climate change, in both scale and potential impact, is a security risk that will affect our most basic resources, from food to water to energy.  The national and international security communities understand these risks, and have already taken meaningful actions to address them. But progress in mitigating, preventing, preparing for, and adapting to these risks will require that policy-makers, thought leaders and the public take them seriously.

Mission and Vision

The Center for Climate and Security (CCS), a nonprofit policy institute with a distinguished Advisory Board of senior retired military leaders and security professionals, envisions a climate-resilient world. This is a world which recognizes that climate change risks are unprecedented in human history, and does not wait for absolute certainty before acting to mitigate and adapt to those risks. To further this goal, CCS facilitates policy development processes and dialogues, provides analysis, conducts research, and acts as a resource hub in the climate and security field.

Program Areas

  • Policy Development: Convening and facilitating public-private collaborative policy development processes and dialogues in critical areas of the climate-security field, such as the role of national and collective security institutions in addressing climate change.
  • Research: Conducting research to fill information gaps, including assessing the security community’s strategic and operational rationale for addressing climate change risks, examining the role of climate change, water and food insecurity in the security dynamics of strategically-significant regions of the world, and forecasting the potential of disruptive technologies to address climate and security risks.
  • Resource Hub: Keeping track of the latest policy developments, and acting as a resource hub for key climate and security documents from governments, international institutions, non-governmental organizations and academia.

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