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Climate and Security Week in Review: June 19-25

European CouncilHere are a list of notable headlines and comments on climate and security matters from the past week. If we’ve missed any, let us know.

  • 8 days until the presidency! Understanding climate risks is crucial to ensuring effective & conflict prevention. This is why we will hold a debate on -related security risks on July 11, chaired by FM – don’t miss it. via @SwedenUN
  • works actively to reduce energy consumption and increase efficiency in field operations. DSG discussed the links between climate & security at an conference on Climate, Peace and Security, read more: via @NATODepSpox
  • Interesting discussions today during the Climate, Peace and Security conference: it is crucial for countries & organisations to work together to ensure we have the right tools to take on the challenges of today and tomorrow. Read more: via @Gottemoeller
  • Deputy Secretary Gral Miguel García-Herraiz spoke today at the high level event “Climate, Peace and Security: The Time for Action” in Brussels on the vulnerability of the to , but also the opportunities for the region to be part of the solution via @UfMSecretariat
  • RMI’s says his we urgently need a multilateral system fit for purpose so that we can predict prepare and prevent climate disasters. He is calling for a UN Climate and Security Hub which could analyse the implications of every UNSC resolution and update on impacts. via @riamatic
  • During my presentation at the Climate, Peace and Security Conf happening now in Brussels , I highlighted the importance of Prevention as the major action to undertake to tackle climate change. via @JosefaSacko
  • “Three key approaches: treat symptoms of climate change; find root causes; address need of multilateral approach when dealing with climate change impact on security,” says Climate, Peace and Security confernce via @alex_owski
  • Climate security is not some abstract concept for us, climate change is already the greatest threat to our island nation. That is why we are taking steps to shore up our own security, including by ensuring our territorial integrity is protected. via @MinisterDPaul
  • Dep SG says NATO has been supporting Western Balkans to develop an “interoperable” response to the huge climate disasters they’ve been experiencing in form of fires & floods via @riamatic
  • . of Center for Climate and Security says high understanding in the Pentagon that climate change is happening now and getting worse. “They get this, they are cautious but wont back down, they understand it is going to affect their mission.” via @riamatic
  • It was an honor to meet with head Mami Mizutori at to discuss areas of mutual interest and ’s role in disaster risk reduction & resilience via @FEMA_Dan
  • “More than ever before, we must look at as an issue of survival and start to understand the expansion of what security means in order to see the importance of moving beyond its traditional concepts.” –Pakistani senator Sherry Rehman via @ClimateHome
  • is looking at the hazardous effects of as a threat and risk multiplier, and tries to include these in force and exercise planning. NATO also gives assistance in case of natural disasters, replies on environmental . via @DebSecPlus

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