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G20 Policy Brief on Climate and Displacement


Syrian refugee center, Turkish border (3 August 2012)

By Shiloh Fetzek, Senior Fellow for International Affairs

The Center for Climate and Security recently contributed to and co-signed a policy brief for the G20 on ‘Building Global Governance for ‘Climate Refugees’’. The brief was produced as a part of the Think20 (T20) dialogue process leading up to the G20 Summit in Hamburg on 7-8 July. The T20 is a network of think tanks that act as a research and policy advice network for the G20; its Think 20 Summit – GLOBAL SOLUTIONS will be hosted by German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin on 29-30 May, one of several civil society dialogue forums leading up to the G20 Summit. (more…)

Review: IOM Outlook on Migration, Environment and Climate Change

Photo by Oxfam

“Horn of Africa famine refugee” Photo by Oxfam

By Sandra Fatorić, Center for Climate and Security Research Fellow

The new International Organization for Migration (IOM) Outlook on Migration, Environment and Climate Change report is intended to be a reference publication on environmental and climate change migration, which targets policymakers, practitioners, researchers, international agencies, the private sector, donors, students, and think tanks. Environmental migration intersects a range of policy areas, including migration, climate change and environment, security, development, and humanitarian assistance. (more…)