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Hurricane Sandy, Climate Change and National Security Round Up

As Hurricane Sandy rolled into the East Coast, she cut a swathe of destruction that has claimed lives, and crippled some critical infrastructures. She has also stirred up quite a discussion about climate change, resiliency and preparedness, as citizens, policy-makers and thought leaders try to determine how to better prepare for future climate events. (more…)

New Chatham House Report: Is the U.S. Prepared for Future Threats in the Asia-Pacific?

Chatham House has just released a very interesting report titled Prepared for Future Threats? US Defence Partnerships in the Asia-Pacific Region. The report highlights the growing importance of the region to U.S. interests, explores U.S. defense partnerships with Asia-Pacific nations, assesses whether or not the U.S. is adequately prepared for the threats most likely to emerge in the region (no surprise that the South China Sea looms large in these scenarios), and offers concrete recommendations for mitigating and preparing for those threats. (more…)

The Octopus as National Security Adviser?

In 2010, Paul the Octopus famously seemed to predict the outcome of eight out of eight World Cup games. But alas, he passed away soon after, depriving the world of his predictive powers. However, this past week at an AAAS talk we were given another reason to pay attention to these intelligent cephalopods. Rafe Sagarin, marine ecologist at the University of Arizona‚Äôs Institute of the Environment and author of a new book “Learning from the Octopus: How Secrets from Nature Can Help Us Fight Terrorism, Natural Disasters, and Disease,” argued that the octopus can teach nations a lot about how to keep themselves secure, based on its long record of successful adaptation. (more…)

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