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Weekend Reading: Degrees of Risk

448px-Risk_LegacyIn light of the release of the IPCC’s “Summary for Policymakers” today, we recommend reading (or re-reading) E3G’s “Degrees of Risk” report, which was released in 2011, but increases in timeliness with each passing year.

Brad Plumer’s article this morning had a great headline: The science of global warming has changed a lot in 25 years. The basic conclusions haven’t. The basic conclusions have not changed, but what does that mean for policymakers? Degrees of Risk offers an appropriate “risk management” framework for guiding policymakers towards a better understanding of the extent of the climate risks we face, as well as steps we can take to mitigate those risks.  The report notes: (more…)

Key Findings from the UK’s 2012 Climate Change Risk Assessment

The UK government recently released the first in a series of assessments that far more governments should be conducting – a climate change risk assessment. It’s a long document, and a number of people are talking about it, so we’ll just include a short list of the assessment’s “key messages” below. Despite the report’s recognition that “gaps in evidence” of climate risk still exist, it recommends robust action for risk management, demonstrating that being prepared does not require 100% certainty.

For the full report, click here. For additional UK and other government documents regarding the security risks of climate change, see our resources page.


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