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Sweta Chakraborty

SwetaChakrabortyDr. Sweta Chakraborty
Policy & Communications Fellow

Dr. Sweta Chakraborty is a Policy and Communications Fellow at the Center for Climate and Security. She recently served as the Associate Director for the Institute on Science for Global Policy (ISGP), a Washington-based, neutral think tank. In this role, she worked closely with the U.S. Army War College on a program titled “Climate Impact on National Security” (CINS), which engaged all relevant stakeholders (e.g., military, government, scientists, NGOs) to produce a public policy report. Prior to joining the ISGP, Sweta served as the chief behavioral scientist at Lootok Ltd., a risk management-consulting firm. Sweta is a former civil justice systems program associate at Oxford University’s Centre for Socio-Legal Studies (CSLS) and an adjunct professor of decision science at Columbia University. She currently serves on the board of the Serendipity Foundation, where she funds global non-profits. She earned her doctorate in risk management from King’s College London, and her undergraduate degrees in decision science and international relations from Carnegie Mellon University.

Sweta actively speaks globally on proactive management and adaptation to interconnected, global risks. She has been featured on several major, international news media outlets including Fox News Channel, Sky News, NZTV to name a few. She has over 30 peer-reviewed articles, and a forthcoming book on adaptation to global risks. Her website is