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Sherri Goodman Talks “Threat Multiplier” on Yale Climate Connections


Why does the Department of Defense call climate change a threat multiplier? Last week, Yale Climate Connections sat down with Sherri Goodman, Senior Strategist at the Center for Climate and Security and former Deputy Undersecretary of Defense (Environmental Security) to find out more. She explains, “Extreme weather and water shortages increase the risk of political instability and terrorism.” As a threat multiplier, climate change aggravates other stressors that together can threaten a nation’s stability.

Explaining the very real connection between climate change and security has helped build support for climate mitigation and adaptation efforts. As people realize that climate change influences more than just the environment, the severity of the situation is amplified. Yale Climate Connections looks to raise awareness on climate change by providing stories on how people are responding to a warming world. Click here to listen to the full audio clip and learn more about climate change as a threat multiplier.

Summary by Isabella Caltabiano

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