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Video and Background Reading – Warriors and Weather: Climate and Security in America

Sailors aboard the guided-missile destroyer USS Mason (DDG 87) look on as the guided-missile frigate USS Nicholas (FFG 47) departs Naval Station Norfolk ahead of Hurricane Irene. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Aaron Chase/Released)

Sailors aboard the USS Nicholas as it departs Naval Station Norfolk ahead of Hurricane Irene. (U.S. Navy photo by Aaron Chase)

The Economist recently produced a short video, Warriors and weather: Climate change and national security in America. It’s a good overview of some of the issues the U.S. Department of Defense is grappling with in regards to climate change. The video is posted below. For those looking for more than a brief overview, also posted below are links to the documents and background sources for the information presented in the video. The background documents are listed in the order that they are mentioned in the video.

Read-A-Long with the Video

List of Administration Officials quoted on the links between climate and security: On the Record: Climate Change as a National Security Risk According to U.S. Administration Officials

List of major climate and security policy and documents by year: Climate Security Chronology

List of U.S. Department of Defense policies on climate and security: Climate Security Resource Hub, U.S. Government, Defense

Background on Hampton Roads climate vulnerability: Hampton Roads, Virginia and the Military’s Battle Against Sea Level Rise

U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) report on climate vulnerabilities: GAO Report on Climate Change: Three Recommendations for the Secretary of Defense

Secretary of Defense Hagel at the Conference of the Defense Ministers of the Americas: Secretary Hagel on Climate Change Affecting the Security Environment

Climate and Security in the Arctic: US Navy and Coast Guard Testimony on Climate and Security in the Arctic

Syria: Syria: Climate Change, Drought and Social Unrest

Complexity of the link between climate and conflict in Syria: On Syrian Refugees and Climate Change: The Risks of Oversimplifying and Underestimating the Connection

Sen. Inhofe and Admiral Locklear Senate Testimony: Admiral Locklear’s Testimony to the Senate Armed Services Committee

Climate security in the Asia-Pacific: New Report: The U.S. Asia-Pacific Rebalance, National Security and Climate Change

For a general overview of the links between climate change and security see the Climate Security 101 Project.


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