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White House Honors Veterans for Advancing Clean Energy and Climate Security

Soldiers_assist_residents_displaced_by_Hurricane_Sandy_in_Hoboken,_N.J.The White House is hosting an event today honoring twelve American veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan from across the country as “Champions of Change” for their work in advancing clean energy and increasing climate resilience and preparedness in their communities.

This is certainly a timely event given President Obama’s new Executive Order calling for better climate preparedness, and the previously released Climate Action Plan, which was supported by retired senior military officers on our Advisory Board.  Furthermore, a leaked draft of the IPCC’s report paints a picture of food and water insecurity, increases in health threats, and increased likelihood of conflict, as a result of climatic changes. The veterans being honored today, given their specialized skills, experience and commitment to public service, are well positioned to lead the way in advancing clean energy, and increasing climate resilience in communities across the country.

The event will be live streamed on the White House website. To watch it live, visit at 10:00 am ET, November 5th. To learn more about the White House Champions of Change program visit

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