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Report: A Climate and Resource Security Dialogue for the 21st Century

The UK Foreign Commonwealth Office and Wilton Park recently released a report from their late March conference on climate and resource security. There are some interesting top-line priorities that were identified by participants, with a heavy focus on developing new and integrated frameworks and institutions to deal with this unique security problem. From the summary:

Participants stressed the need for:

  • a new international framework and model for tackling the non-traditional threat of climate and resource security;
  • new institutional frameworks to collectively address the climate – food – water – energy stress nexus in a timely and pragmatic manner;
  • integrated and comprehensive approaches to tackle the problems (defence, diplomacy and development working together);
  • a dialogue involving new networks of actors, beyond traditional diplomacy, integrating the public and private sectors and NGOs and using new mediums for debate;
  • greater public awareness and understanding of  climate security impacts through effective advocacy and champions to raise awareness around the world;
  • increased sharing of technical analysis and data, building consensus on the impacts of and responses to climate change.

You can find the full report here.

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